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Half Bird, Half Freakin’ Legendary!

You’ve had rotisserie chicken before, but not like this. Half Bird is your old favorite, jacked up on delectable flavors from around the world: from green curry ranch to yuzu hot honey; miso bbq to scallion ginger. Juicy, marinated birds come straight from the roaster to your plate for a fast, feisty feast.

Not in the mood for rotisserie? Try a Sichuan style hot chicken sandwich that makes fried chicken blush. That legendary chicken sandwich? We think it’s way better as a Cuban!! We’ve got you covered, whatever sort of bird you’re craving.

Release Your Inner Birdman

Chef Brian Howard

Here's What He IS Saying

Chef/Owner Brian Howard has a soft spot for the humble chicken. It’s deceptively simple; the perfect platform to showcase complex flavors. He created Half Bird as a love letter to what he considers a staple food—the ticket to a world-spanning exploration of tastes, in familiar, casual dishes to share with family and friends.

Rotisserie chicken is a kitchen staple for good reason. Marinating and slow cooking by direct heat creates a perfect crispy skin and keeps the meat tender and juicy, so it holds flavor in every bite. Add it to other dishes or pull it right off the bone and eat. That sealed-in flavor of rotisserie cooking made us wonder: just how many flavors can we pack in there? Turns out, a lot! Half Bird brings some of our favorite taste profiles from around the world to seriously level up the rotisserie chicken you love. Whatever chicken you’re craving, it’s all good at Half Bird.



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